Dissemination events

Introducing the innovative LSP Teacher Training Programme to institutions that train future language teachers and to other stakeholders:

Multiplier event in Italy February 3, 2021

Multiplier event in Spain December 1, 2020

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Multiplier event in Spain

Multiplier event in Poland October 23, 2020

On October 23rd 2020, the Institute of Applied Linguistics hosted an online conference entitled “Perspectives on specialist language teacher education in Poland”. The main aim of the conference was an attempt to describe in a multifaceted way the present situation of specialist language teacher education in Poland and to reflect on its further development. Dr Joanna Kic-Drgas and Dr Joanna Woźniak presented the results of an international project funded by Erasmus+, TRAILs, carried out at the Institute.

Read the article on the website of the Adam Mickiewicz University

Multiplier event in Bordeaux, France October 19, 2020

Multiplier event in Bordeaux

Jean-Philippe Biolley – Directeur de l’INSPE de l’académie de Bordeaux

Video recordings of the event

Multiplier event in Ljubljana, Slovenia September 25, 2020

Multiplier event in Zagreb, Croatia February 22, 2020

First Multiplier Event, 22 Feb 2020, University of Zagreb, Croatia


Pre-event of the 2nd International Conference of the Slovene Association of LSP Teachers in Slovenia: May 14, 2020


Conference : presentation of the TRAILs project at the Kongres Jubileuszowy Polskiego Towarzystwa Neofilologicznego
September 9-11, 2019, Poznan, Poland

Teaching specialist languages is one of the priorities of many philological centers in Poland. As the number of specialist language classes on offer increases, so does the demand for qualified teachers. One of the main tasks of the international TRAILs project “LSP Teacher TrainingSummer School” is to investigate the state of LSP teaching in Europe and to prepare and implement methods aimed at developing specialist language teachers’ competences. The aim of the presentation is to discuss the preliminary results of the first of the activities planned to be carried out within the TRAILs project – the identification and analysis of training programmes for specialist language teachers in Europe. In the first part of the article, the general assumptions of the project will be presented. Then, the methodology will be analysed and, in the last section, the results of the analysis of specialised language teacher training programmes will be presented. The data presented concern in particular the number of programmes and courses offered, the prerequisites for taking part in such forms of teacher training, the methods of teaching and learning, the use of information technology in the classroom, and the number of ECTS credits awarded. The results will show a significant quantitative and qualitative variation in specialised language teacher education programmes on offer in Europe. In particular, the presentation will focus on the condition of specialist language teaching in Poland, although the data will be compared with the situation in other European Union countries.