TRAILs Update 27.08.19

From 3rd-6th October 2019, the TRAILs team will meet at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań, Poland to discuss the progress of the TRAILs project as a whole, and to plan Output 3.

Output 3 concerns the identification and operationalisation of concepts gleaned from Outputs 1 and 2. Output 1 has identified available LSP teacher training in the EHEA; Output 2 has identified the needs of LSP teachers/practitioners in the EHEA. Output 3 will seek to address and ameliorate divergence between currently available LSP teacher training (O1) and  LSP practitioners’ needs (O2) in preparation for future outputs, the design and provision of an LSPTT curriculum.

In other news, Violeta Jurković, Mateja Dostal, Saša Podgorsek and Darja Mertelj from the University of Ljubljana, attended the 22nd Conference on Language for Specific Purposes at the University of Padua, Italy. They represented the TRAILs project and Output 2 with their presentation “The Needs of LSP Teachers in the EHEA”

A copy of their presentation is available HERE.

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