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Welcome to the first entry of the TRAILs blog! The purpose of this blog is to keep you up-to-date with the TRAILs project, an Erasmus+ funded project with the aim of creating an innovative curriculum tailored to the needs of LSP (Languages for Specific Purposes) Teachers.

March was a productive month for the TRAILs team! Partners met at the University of Cádiz. The first output, which was led by Jade University of Applied Sciences, Germany, has come to an end. A large number of institutions across the EHEA has been checked by partners and a relatively small number of LSP Teacher Training courses has been found. More precise information will be presented at the IESPTA 2019 conference in Liverpool, England, before being communicated here and elsewhere.

The University of Cádiz made the following press release (translated, original in Spanish):

The University of Cádiz (UCA) has held the second meeting of the international cooperation project ‘TRAILs’.

Researchers from Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Germany and the United Kingdom have shared with the Cadiz team the first results to carry out a summer school for LSP teachers.

The Faculty of Philosophy and Letters hosted the second transnational meeting of the international cooperation project TRAILs, organised by the team of the University of Cadiz, with the participation of representatives from the universities of Bordeaux (project coordinator), Bergamo (Italy), Cadiz (Spain), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Zagreb (Croatia), Adam Mickiewicz from Poznan (Poland), Jade Hochschule (Germany) and Arcola Research LLP (United Kingdom). The UCA team is made up of professors from the Department of French and English Philology: Ana Bocanegra (coordinator), Mª Dolores Perea, Paloma López Zurita and María Vázquez.

TRAILs (LSP Teacher Training Summer School) is an international project approved in the last Erasmus+ call (July 2018) and for its implementation has received a total budget of 248,235€. It is part of Key Action 2, aimed at cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices (KA2) and, more specifically, in line 203 relating to strategic partnerships in the field of Higher Education (KA203). These are international cooperation projects run by the International Relations Office. It consists of several work packages aimed at holding a summer school for future teachers and in-service teachers of specific-purpose languages (LSP) in Zagreb at the end of the project.

The working meeting was attended by 15 participants from the above-mentioned European universities and centres, in addition to the UCA work team. For two days, the results of work package number one, led by the German team, were presented and discussed. Likewise, the coordinator of the team of the University of Cadiz presented the lines of work for work package number two, the execution of which is assigned and consists of carrying out an analysis of the needs of LFE teachers in the universities concerned, using various instruments for data collection and analysis.

The next meeting of the consortium will be held in Poznan (Poland) in October 2019, and the calendar of activities for the development of the project will be extended until September 2020.

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